Fyra vetenskapligt beprövade sätt att plugga och minnas bättre

1. Byt ut böckerna mot serietidningar

Get visual. Apparently, learning via graphic novels is about to become the next big thing. In a recent study in Business Communication Quarterly, University of Oklahoma professor Jeremy Short found that comic books were better at helping business majors remember things word for word than traditional textbooks.

2. Skaffa ett gymkort

Join a gym. Study after study has confirmed that regular exercise improves cognitive function, memory and even students’ grades.

3. Dela med dig av det du studerar

Share your progress. Recopying my class notes or writing out questions and answers always helped me do better on tests when I was in school. […] Researchers at Michigan State University recently found that students who regularly tweet as a part of their classes are more engaged with the course material and get better grades. Part of the improvement may have also come through connecting and talking with other tweeters interested in the same subjects.

4. Gör provet innan du läst något om ämnet

Psychologists have known for decades that taking a test helps people retain what they have learned better than if they simply spend more time studying. But recent research has revealed a surprising twist: it works even better if you take the test before you know anything about a subject, so you are all but guaranteed to get the answers wrong.



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